folded 11 times and jammed into my letterbox – here’s another message from The Mysic Ivan

Letter to the Editor:

It has come to my attention that this periodical, to which I’ve been sending my manuscripts semi-regularly for the past 15 years, may not be the esteemed publication I thought it was. Recent events have revealed to me that “Milli Beep” is not the poet laureate of Fort Myers, Florida and is in actuality three beeps in a trenchcoat. I’ve traced my confusion to a “J. E. Myers”, the former poet laureate of Texas and 7 letters across in my crossword puzzle. Anyway, since discovering I’ve been shouting my premonitions into the void rather than laying them into the hands of a respected artist, I realised it doesn’t matter what I say. I hope that you continue to accept my humble submissions for your website or whatever. Either way, I will continue to send them.

Recklessly yours,

The Mystic Ivan

Editor’s note: I have long held the policy that this website will publish any misled screed, run-on rant, incoherent complaint, dangerously unproofread letter, stained convenience store receipt, obscure religious tract, or questionably legal recipe that finds its way into my inbox, without exception. So don’t hold back.


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