Fw: Fw: FW: Fw: The Mystic Ivan Reviews Ghost Photos

Dear readers,

I am now online! Although I find it inconvenient that I can’t use my phone at the same time and that I have to insert a dime every 30 minutes. Anyway, wow are there a lot of things on the internet. Immediately I can see that there is no good way to determine if the ghost pictures you come across are legitimate. I’ve put together this brief critique of internet ghost photos so that you too can tell what is scam and what is certifiably spooky. Just in time for Halloween!

Surfing the web,

The Mystic Ivan

If you look carefully you can see that this is actually just an instagram filter on top of an add for melatonin gummies. Still, that is an actual dead person in the picture. REAL.

The genuine title of this image is “Milf Ghost” which is all the proof I need. REAL.

Clearly that’s a classic Scooby Doo holographic projection in the foreground, but what they don’t want you to see is the orb in the bottom corner. REAL.

The mix of ipads and the miniature spinets is a clue that this is certifiable. REAL.

Jesus is technically a ghost but it’s hard to tell if this is pre- or post-resurrection. PLAUSIBLE.

I’m fairly certain they didn’t have buttons in civil war times, also that era was in black and white, not sepia as people commonly think. FAKE.

The extinct animal is a dead giveaway. REAL.

Note the difference in dress between the smaller people and the plaid woman. REAL.

Editor’s note: this is not the first time The Mystic Ivan has graced us with his wisdom. For more uncanny revelations, click here.

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