new words

When faced with the task of describing the world around us and the depth of human experience, the limited vocabulary of the English language seems wholly insufficient. In an attempt to rectify the language’s shortcomings, I’ve invented the following words. I share them here along with some examples of usage, and I urge you to include these new terms in your lexicon.

  1. Tinger (noun) – the intense frustration that comes when someone is unable or unwilling to recognize something that is incredibly obvious. Ex: “I am overwhelmed with tinger when my uncle talks about evolution being a sin; not believing in it, the concept itself.”
  2. Macont (noun) – the aroma of horse urine and automobile exhaust found near horse-drawn carriages in urban environments. Derived from French or something. Ex: “When you can smell the macont, you know you’re in Central Park.”
  3. Flemp (adjective) – the quality of being not quite as good as remembered. Ex: “I really liked this drive-through soup restaurant when I first moved to the city, but tonight it was a bit flemp.”
  4. Oosay (noun) – the urge to look at one’s reflection every five minutes after getting a haircut. Ex: “I was so overcome with oosay when I stepped into the restroom, I didn’t notice the police tape.”
  5. Skoince (verb) – to recognize and avoid an acquaintance in a public place before they notice you. Ex: “I almost ran into Ricky at the supermarket, luckily he was preoccupied by the Natural Light display and I was able to skoince.”


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