the devil in the covid-19 vaccine?

In the pacific ocean, in the shallow coastal waters near Hawaii and Midway Island, lives a diminutive species known as the Hawaiian bobtail squid, which has evolved a surprising adaptation to hide from predators. Growing on the squid’s body are colonies of bacteria, known as Vibrio fischeri, which have made a symbiotic pact with the squid. In exchange for a safe place to grow and flourish, the bacteria produce bio-luminescence. This biochemically produced light provides counter-illumination to the squid’s shadow, making it difficult to be detected by predators from underneath.

Hawaiian bobtail squid. By Jamie Foster – Direct email from the author for the purpose of posting the image on Wikimedia/Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

In the Christian gospel of Luke, Jesus is quoted as saying “I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning”, which is one of the early connections between Satan and falling light. In a separate instance, early Christians drew a connection between Satan and a prophecy in the book of Isaiah, in which a wicked Babylonian king was referred to as “the morning star”, whose own fall from grace was considered allegorical to that of Satan. It was through a theological connection between the Morning Star and the falling light which Jesus saw that one of the names for the planet Venus, “Light-Bringer”, came to refer to the Devil.

By scanned, post-processed, and uploaded by Karl Hahn. Paul Gustave Doré, 1832-1883 (artist); Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321 (creator) – Pantheon Books edition of Divine Comedy, Public Domain,

The Latin word for “light bringer” is the root of the name of the molecular mechanism by which bacteria illuminate our squid: Lucifer. The molecules that produce the light from Vibrio fischeri (and fireflies too!) are known as luciferin and luciferase. These molecules, by virtue of their luminescent properties, are tremendously useful for biological research and biotech development. The genes that code for these molecules are easy to manipulate and because they cause a reaction that is easily visualized, scientists can use them to examine things like transcriptional activity, cellular energy resources (ATP), and protein degradation.

It turns out that knowing about all of those things I mentioned (and more!) is vital if you are trying to develop a vaccine to combat a global pandemic. That link goes to the website of the biotechnology company, Moderna, who have developed one of the mRNA-based vaccines against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

It has been incorrectly stated that the vaccine developed by Moderna contains luciferase which is linked to some satanic entity and is used to track people for a sinister purpose. This has already been largely debunked, but I shall add my voice to the clamor, specifically in regards to the easily disprovable first statement. The claim that the documentation for Moderna’s patents shows that the vaccine contains luciferase is completely false. If you click on that link and go through the eight patent documents listed on their website (ctrl+f is your friend), you will see “luciferase” appears thirteen times across all 1,608 pages of patent documents. The presence of the word alone does not mean that the vaccine contains luciferase.

When patents are filed, especially for complex technologies like vaccines, the filers are required to provide an eye-watering amount of documentation about what exactly they’re patenting, how it works, and most importantly, how they know that it works. This last step means that for complex molecular biology tech like an mRNA vaccine, experimental data on things like protein degradation and gene transcription are vitally important. These are exactly the things for which a visualization technique, like the luciferin-luciferase system I’ve described above, are tremendously useful. Every time that “luciferase” appears in the Moderna patent documents is in reference to how this bioluminescence technique was used to verify certain aspects of the technology; it has simply been used as a tool to create the vaccine. Stating that these patent documents are evidence of luciferase in the vaccine is akin to claiming your birthday cake contains a whisk because the recipe told you to use one.

If I am being generous, I would say that the person who made these claims, Emerald Robinson, was simply misinformed about how luciferase was being used in the development of the vaccine. However, given that the language in the patent documents is fairly plain, the fact that she has quoted them directly in her article, and Ms. Robinson’s background, my inclination is that her motives are more sinister.

In today’s massively information-dense world one can find support for any possible worldview and sometimes being taken in by a lie can make you feel like you’re thinking critically. Moreover, there are people in the world who are aware of this fact and are trying to use it to profit off of you. Sometimes it’s for political power, sometimes for money, and often for both. The fact remains that there are many people invested in telling you what you want to hear and leading you astray.

I’m not asking you to trust me; you should be skeptical of everything you read on the internet. What I am asking you to do is to question everything, especially if it confirms your viewpoint. Asking questions such as: “who wrote this and what is their background?”, “Is this a fact I can verify? Is it an opinion?” and “what hard evidence is being presented?” will go a long way to keeping the wool off your eyes.

It’s tricky times out there and it can be hard to admit when we’re wrong. But if we stay honest and keep our wits about us, I think we stand a chance.


PS – I didn’t touch on whether luciferase in a vaccine could be used to track someone. This is likely pretty impossible, as the luminescence is pretty weak. However, you absolutely can be tracked by whichever device you’re currently using to read this.

PPS – For the love of everything that is good, please go get vaccinated if you are able.

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