I finally learned to play the drums!

Well not really, but I did finally learn to use the open-source drum machine, Hydrogen, which is a very cool piece of software and you should go download it and try it out yourself! To test out my newfound percussive prowess, I decided to play with myself a little more (I know, I know) and cover Sugaree, one of my favorite tunes by The Grateful Dead.

A little tidbit: this video and a couple other un-posted covers (mostly Elton John) that I have done have been “copy-claimed” by the almighty algorithm, meaning I cannot monetize them and/or that the copyright holder can run ads on my video. I refrained from posting these videos publicly out of good taste, but I was so proud of this one I decided: “screw it, I don’t make any money off these anyway”. So here it is – enjoy!

Shake it out now, and I’ll see you at the jubilee.


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