a tale of clown, revenge, and patience

Many years ago, when I was an intern at an accelerator facility, the other interns and I all lived in a campus residence that was a bit like a dormitory, only with a higher average age. One evening, as all the interns were gathered in the common area after dinner and were drinking studiously discussingContinue reading “a tale of clown, revenge, and patience”

Vincent, chapter 2

chapter 2. It was midday on the shores of Lake Victoria, and a group of chickens on a nearby farm were lazily browsing in the dirt and lounging in the shade of the brush. Suddenly, and with an alertness that would be alarming to anyone watching, one chicken perked up and stared at the northwesternContinue reading “Vincent, chapter 2”

fear and loathing in non-measurable sets: an anecdote

Many years ago, when dinosaurs roamed and naked-mouthed humans could mingle with impunity, I was a wide-eyed student working on a bachelor’s degree in physics. Sometime during my final year, I had trouble sleeping. Now, there are many, curricular reasons that a physics student might have a bout of insomnia (many are practically tradition) butContinue reading “fear and loathing in non-measurable sets: an anecdote”