lessons from language learning

Until a few years ago, I lived in the United States, home of such important historical figures as George Washington and Mr. Boh. I was quite happy there until I eventually grew tired of not being employed, and of being watched by Mr. Boh’s one, weird eye. So, I did what anyone fleeing a regionalContinue reading “lessons from language learning”

guest post: horoscopes!

This is the first in a (hopefully long-running) series of guest posts, so everyone be on your best behavior! Today’s contribution is from The Mystic Ivan, a man from whom I once bought a map in the brumous mountains of East Anglia. I later found that the map was from a batch of rejects, havingContinue reading “guest post: horoscopes!”

a perspective on capitalist society

Terry Pratchett described humanity as “the falling angel meets the rising ape” – a succinct description of our journey. We began on earth as base animals, ruled by the cruel doctrine of evolution: survival of the fittest. Over millennia, however, we achieved a great many things. Our opposable thumbs and excellent pattern recognition skills allowedContinue reading “a perspective on capitalist society”

Vincent, chapter 1

chapter 1. POW! Vincent’s head exploded. Or at least it felt that way. As he was falling asleep, in a half dreaming state where ridiculous notions and outlandish thoughts reign, he had a vision of himself. His perspective was altered, so that he saw his own form, curled up in his bed, as the trappingsContinue reading “Vincent, chapter 1”