there will come soft market shares

It was almost lunchtime when the second wave of bombers came. The first wave had finished by half past ten, which left enough time for Thurston Moncton to sweep the rubble off his desk and find what was left of his coffee cup. This time, the entire eastern wall of the office had been blownContinue reading “there will come soft market shares”

what do Nazis and the world’s favorite ballpark food have in common?

(Note: once again, I’ve put forth a post with quite a few links to Wikipedia to back up my claims. If you can afford to do so, donating to Wikipedia would be a tremendous thing to do.) The Latin word for fire, ignus, has been derived over the ages into the name Ignatius, meaning bornContinue reading “what do Nazis and the world’s favorite ballpark food have in common?”

my first ever NFT!

Slave to trends that I am, it has not escaped my notice that Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have taken the cryptographic and digital-asset investment community by storm. For those unaware, an NFT is a cryptographic certificate of ownership that can only ever be owned by one person on the blockchain at a time. In practice, theContinue reading “my first ever NFT!”

I’ve done another music

Hey look, another cover! I guess I have a lot of time to hang out and play music over the holidays. If you have a suggestion for other songs I could cover, let me know in a comment or email or whisper campaign (technically speaking, “stop posting covers” is a legitimate suggestion). /millibeep