an eve along the road

Sat there a man without his housewho puffed a long-necked pipe,‘neath dome of inky sky so black,where stars hung fat and ripe. Nay moment more than dusk had sat, when down the road came he,with crimson sparks from ‘neath his hooves, and horns and crooked knee. And long he looked on puffing man, who lookedContinue reading “an eve along the road”

a long awaited update to the magic 8-ball

Dear reader(s), we are back after a month-long hiatus that felt like it was nearly four weeks. To break our fast, the Mystic Ivan has telephoned me from the Owyhee County Jail to both ask for bail money and to relay the following for publication. (Un)fortunately, I was only able to fulfill one of hisContinue reading “a long awaited update to the magic 8-ball”

fine, we’ll do a 30 day song challenge

We are all slaves to trends, ever striving to feel like part of something, and the 30 day song challenge is no different. This list comes to us from long time reader, first time inmate DJ Dizzy Dan, recently court-martialed for his on-air conduct at Armed Forces Radio in the American Samoa. If you doContinue reading “fine, we’ll do a 30 day song challenge”

having a creative outlet

I lead a very busy life, which can sometimes lead to a lot of buildup of stress. Recently, a friend suggested that it might be good to have a Creative Outlet. I did some reading and it turns out that having a Creative Outlet can reduce stress, improve concentration and mindfulness, and even make youContinue reading “having a creative outlet”