there will come soft market shares

It was almost lunchtime when the second wave of bombers came. The first wave had finished by half past ten, which left enough time for Thurston Moncton to sweep the rubble off his desk and find what was left of his coffee cup. This time, the entire eastern wall of the office had been blownContinue reading “there will come soft market shares”

new words

When faced with the task of describing the world around us and the depth of human experience, the limited vocabulary of the English language seems wholly insufficient. In an attempt to rectify the language’s shortcomings, I’ve invented the following words. I share them here along with some examples of usage, and I urge you toContinue reading “new words”

the full and unbelievable life of Florence Ada Howard

I was practicing some freehand lettering, and decided to illustrate this quotation. It got me thinking that it would be interesting to do a write-up on the fascinating life of Florence Ada Howard. She was an artist, essayist, bon-vivant, occasional con-artist, and many other things, but as she is most well-known for her art, I’veContinue reading “the full and unbelievable life of Florence Ada Howard”

the doctor and the pale man

The coughing started up again late one afternoon. A blood orange sun was setting over the dusty fields of rural Kansas as a gentle breeze carried off the last of the warm autumn air. Baby Jo – Josephine Krugs, as it was written on the thick, yellowish birth certificate Pa had traveled half a dayContinue reading “the doctor and the pale man”