folded 11 times and jammed into my letterbox – here’s another message from The Mysic Ivan

Letter to the Editor: It has come to my attention that this periodical, to which I’ve been sending my manuscripts semi-regularly for the past 15 years, may not be the esteemed publication I thought it was. Recent events have revealed to me that “Milli Beep” is not the poet laureate of Fort Myers, Florida andContinue reading “folded 11 times and jammed into my letterbox – here’s another message from The Mysic Ivan”

an afternoon in theosophical court

BAILIFFAll rise, the hermenutic justice, Magistrate of Huxley presiding. MAGISTRATEGood afternoon, all. Today we are gathered to address the question of whether god is dead, or simply absent. The court will now hear arguments from both sides, starting with the defense. Counselor, the floor is yours. DEFENSE COUNSELYour honor, the basis of the defense’s argumentsContinue reading “an afternoon in theosophical court”

a long awaited update to the magic 8-ball

Dear reader(s), we are back after a month-long hiatus that felt like it was nearly four weeks. To break our fast, the Mystic Ivan has telephoned me from the Owyhee County Jail to both ask for bail money and to relay the following for publication. (Un)fortunately, I was only able to fulfill one of hisContinue reading “a long awaited update to the magic 8-ball”

fine, we’ll do a 30 day song challenge

We are all slaves to trends, ever striving to feel like part of something, and the 30 day song challenge is no different. This list comes to us from long time reader, first time inmate DJ Dizzy Dan, recently court-martialed for his on-air conduct at Armed Forces Radio in the American Samoa. If you doContinue reading “fine, we’ll do a 30 day song challenge”

Horror-scopes for the spookiest month of the year!

Good news everyone! The Mystic Ivan has broken his long silence to once again grace us with his foresight. These predictions come via telegraph from the Shady Oaks retirement village in Ft. Meyers, Florida along with the following message, which Ivan insisted be included in the heading. /millibeep Dearest readers, before revealing this month’s horoscope,Continue reading “Horror-scopes for the spookiest month of the year!”