Vaccine blues

Please go get vaccinated! If you are medically eligible, getting vaccinated against Covid-19 is the most proactive and effective thing you can do to help end the global pandemic. For the US residents, find valuable information here. For others, information is variable, but here is some useful advice. While all things must be considered critically,Continue reading “Vaccine blues”

Clarity and Precision

Picture a spiral, like this one: Not this exact one, obviously, you don’t need to picture it since I’ve done that for you and you can just look at it. Now that you’re looking at it, think for a moment about how you would describe it to someone. Which words would you use? What featuresContinue reading “Clarity and Precision”

honeybees of the world, ranked by their photos on Wikipedia

Finally, someone (me) has gone through and ranked the aesthetics of the world’s honey bees! Black dwarf honey bee (Apis andreniformis) She is an elegant looking bee, clad all in black with saucy yellow highlights. Her solid, utilitarian looking antennae complement but don’t distract. Just fuzzy enough to be nonthreatening, but not so fuzzy thatContinue reading “honeybees of the world, ranked by their photos on Wikipedia”

fear and loathing in non-measurable sets: an anecdote

Many years ago, when dinosaurs roamed and naked-mouthed humans could mingle with impunity, I was a wide-eyed student working on a bachelor’s degree in physics. Sometime during my final year, I had trouble sleeping. Now, there are many, curricular reasons that a physics student might have a bout of insomnia (many are practically tradition) butContinue reading “fear and loathing in non-measurable sets: an anecdote”

microfluidics 101

As part of a project I am working on, I needed to make some microfluidic devices. For those that aren’t familiar, these are usually chips that are made with channels, some few microns tall and wide that can handle a few microliters of fluid (hence the name: micro- fluidics). Typically, and indeed in my case,Continue reading “microfluidics 101”