Vaccine blues

Please go get vaccinated! If you are medically eligible, getting vaccinated against Covid-19 is the most proactive and effective thing you can do to help end the global pandemic. For the US residents, find valuable information here. For others, information is variable, but here is some useful advice. While all things must be considered critically,Continue reading “Vaccine blues”

the full and unbelievable life of Florence Ada Howard

I was practicing some freehand lettering, and decided to illustrate this quotation. It got me thinking that it would be interesting to do a write-up on the fascinating life of Florence Ada Howard. She was an artist, essayist, bon-vivant, occasional con-artist, and many other things, but as she is most well-known for her art, I’veContinue reading “the full and unbelievable life of Florence Ada Howard”

AUTOCHROME pages 11.5-14

AUTOCHROME is back! I’m pretty sure that button doesn’t do anything other than trigger the alarm – but who doesn’t love a dramatic klaxon to heighten tension? For the future, I am playing around with a few different layouts, since I am not super satisfied with how the default wordpress gallery displays the pages. However,Continue reading “AUTOCHROME pages 11.5-14”