the devil in the covid-19 vaccine?

In the pacific ocean, in the shallow coastal waters near Hawaii and Midway Island, lives a diminutive species known as the Hawaiian bobtail squid, which has evolved a surprising adaptation to hide from predators. Growing on the squid’s body are colonies of bacteria, known as Vibrio fischeri, which have made a symbiotic pact with theContinue reading “the devil in the covid-19 vaccine?”

an eve along the road

Sat there a man without his housewho puffed a long-necked pipe,‘neath dome of inky sky so black,where stars hung fat and ripe. Nay moment more than dusk had sat, when down the road came he,with crimson sparks from ‘neath his hooves, and horns and crooked knee. And long he looked on puffing man, who lookedContinue reading “an eve along the road”