Vincent, chapter 3

Vincent scrambled to his feet and pulled his bathrobe tighter against the desert wind. He locked eyes with the chicken. “Exactly who and what is the Rectifier?” he asked with a resigned sigh. The chicken met his gaze briefly before ruffling her feathers and bobbing quickly over to the center of the butte. “I willContinue reading “Vincent, chapter 3”

Vincent, chapter 2

chapter 2. It was midday on the shores of Lake Victoria, and a group of chickens on a nearby farm were lazily browsing in the dirt and lounging in the shade of the brush. Suddenly, and with an alertness that would be alarming to anyone watching, one chicken perked up and stared at the northwesternContinue reading “Vincent, chapter 2”

Vincent, chapter 1

chapter 1. POW! Vincent’s head exploded. Or at least it felt that way. As he was falling asleep, in a half dreaming state where ridiculous notions and outlandish thoughts reign, he had a vision of himself. His perspective was altered, so that he saw his own form, curled up in his bed, as the trappingsContinue reading “Vincent, chapter 1”