the soap-opera life of Emanuel Bronner

The backpackers, hippies, and thrifty laundry-doers among you might recognize the label on this bottle of soap. For the uninitiated, this is a bottle of “Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Pure-Castile Soap”, beloved among the crunchy granola crowd for its many uses and natural ingredients. The soap itself is probably as close to a magic elixir asContinue reading “the soap-opera life of Emanuel Bronner”

AUTOCHROME pages 11.5-14

AUTOCHROME is back! I’m pretty sure that button doesn’t do anything other than trigger the alarm – but who doesn’t love a dramatic klaxon to heighten tension? For the future, I am playing around with a few different layouts, since I am not super satisfied with how the default wordpress gallery displays the pages. However,Continue reading “AUTOCHROME pages 11.5-14”

Vincent, chapter 3

Vincent scrambled to his feet and pulled his bathrobe tighter against the desert wind. He locked eyes with the chicken. “Exactly who and what is the Rectifier?” he asked with a resigned sigh. The chicken met his gaze briefly before ruffling her feathers and bobbing quickly over to the center of the butte. “I willContinue reading “Vincent, chapter 3”