/millibeep reviews: lightning round!

It’s good to see you back after that hiatus, I was starting to get worried about you! Anyhow, today’s post will be a set of quick reviews of various things I own, use, have experienced, or am otherwise qualified to comment about. Without further ado, let’s get started. Oatly (Oat Milk)Due to what I suspectContinue reading “/millibeep reviews: lightning round!”

new words

When faced with the task of describing the world around us and the depth of human experience, the limited vocabulary of the English language seems wholly insufficient. In an attempt to rectify the language’s shortcomings, I’ve invented the following words. I share them here along with some examples of usage, and I urge you toContinue reading “new words”

Vaccine blues

Please go get vaccinated! If you are medically eligible, getting vaccinated against Covid-19 is the most proactive and effective thing you can do to help end the global pandemic. For the US residents, find valuable information here. For others, information is variable, but here is some useful advice. While all things must be considered critically,Continue reading “Vaccine blues”

“The Last of Us Part II” and my fractured attention span

Slightly more than twelve hours ago, I finished my first play-through of The Last of Us Part II, a videogame by Naughty Dog. I wanted to write something about it because it (meaning both games in the series) might be, without exaggeration, my favorite piece of storytelling that I have ever engaged with. This isn’tContinue reading ““The Last of Us Part II” and my fractured attention span”

a long awaited update to the magic 8-ball

Dear reader(s), we are back after a month-long hiatus that felt like it was nearly four weeks. To break our fast, the Mystic Ivan has telephoned me from the Owyhee County Jail to both ask for bail money and to relay the following for publication. (Un)fortunately, I was only able to fulfill one of hisContinue reading “a long awaited update to the magic 8-ball”